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We offer expert and specialist teaching sessions, interactive training and lectures to athletes and their teams, ranging from small to large groups. This service is provided by Dr Charlotte Mawbey, Principal Clinical Neuropsychologist, a highly specialist and experienced speaker and clinician within the field.

Dr Mawbey has specialist interest in neurological and neuropsychological changes in boxing. She often speaks at boxing gyms and functions around the UK, providing expert knowledge and raising awareness of issues within the field.

Teaching is bespoke and tailored to the needs and interests of the recipients, topics may include:

  • Mental health awareness in sports
  • What is Sport Neuropsychology and how could brain changes affect athletes?
  • Concussion and its effects
  • Suicide and depression in athletes
  • Changes in thinking skills and how to manage them
  • Retirement from sports: impact on mental health

Please contact us to discuss your needs.