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We offer a range of services:

  • Neuropsychological assessment - a comprehensive clinical assessment including administration of a range of tests designed to identify areas of strength and weakness across a range of thinking skills including memory, attention, speed of information processing, planning and so on.
  • Neurorehabilitation - a range of strategies and techniques to support an individual in managing difficulties in areas of cognitive functioning e.g. with memory and/or attention.
  • Psychological Therapies - both short-term and long-term evidence-based interventions to support a person experiencing difficulties with their emotional well-being including trauma, depression, anxiety disorders, stress and worry, performance anxiety and so on. Approaches used are in line with NICE recommended guidelines
  • Consultation and liaison - offering indirect advice about psychological and neuropsychological management of difficulties and liaising with other services/teams/professional bodies that may be involved and need advice, reports and recommendations around a client's wellbeing. 
  • Education and teaching - offering one-off sessions and courses on a range of different topics relevant to mental health and neuropsychological wellbeing in sports.  Dr Mawbey runs both formal and informal sessions, whether it be an informal but structured session around managing low mood or teaching around brain care and neuropsychological support in gyms or larger more formal presentations on relevant topics.

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