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  • A series of pen and paper tasks are administered. These include activities such as naming pictures, using blocks to create designs, remembering information, drawing pictures and so on.         
  • Depending on the nature of the referral and the types of difficulties experienced, the appointment time can vary from between 1.5 for a basic assessment, to 3 hours if additional areas of exploration are identified. 
  • Tests vary in length and complexity and are all designed to become progressively harder, to challenge individuals of all ability.
  • Expertly administered concussion assessments and brief cognitive testing can be administered post-game in order to provide efficient indicators of cognitive change following any effects of impact to the head.



  • Following testing, results are scored up and interpreted.
  • A helpful "cognitive profile" can be produced to show strengths and weaknesses in ability, for example:

  • A comprehensive report is written and can be copied to your GP in the instance that we discuss any possible onward referrals to other services or professionals.
  • The results help guide cognitive rehabilitation interventions and recommendations, so in the above example, a rehab plan would be focussed on improving attention and concentration and speed of processing.


Why book an appointment?

  • For athletes, particularly those in contact sports including boxing and rugby, the risk of brain injuries is particularly high. Having a "baseline" assessment early on, before any obvious changes have occurred, provides an incredibly useful picture of your skills to professionals, against which comparisons can be made after any injury.
  • Neuropsychological assessments are not used by neuropsychologists to diagnose neurological disorders, however they can contribute vital information to diagnosis alongside neurology findings.
  • Assessment findings can be used to develop tailored rehabilitation plans to support and manage any cognitive difficulties see Neurorehabilitation Services.